Chiropractic Success Stories

Thank you so much for the great service you provide! I have been helped several times with very short notice and every time I have been able to walk away feeling great again. My whole family appreciates having me around to play games and be a great dad and I can do that thanks to you!

Jamie R.- Fargo

Dr. Shaw, I just wanted to tell you that I am so thankful for you. I can’t imagine where I would be if I were still in the pain I was when I first started seeing you. I remember telling my husband to “take a gun and shoot me” and I was literally in that much pain. Now I am able to be more active and sleep better. And I am happy again! Thank you, Thank you! God gave you a wonderful ability to heal where most doctors or surgeons don’t. I hope you will be around for a long time!

Cindy E.- Lehr

I heard about Dr Shaw from a friend. You will read my husbands story (Lawerence G.) and this is the main reason we got started with Dr. Shaw. But for me I have lived on a ranch / farm my whole life. Had many accidents. From wrecking a snowmobile, motorcycle, and getting bucked off horses. I have had back pain forever it seems. I have been to many chiropractors, nobody can keep it in. After a day or two I’m back to pain. I have only seen Dr. Shaw for 2 treatments in the past two weeks and I can say he has helped me already. I also have had bad allergies. I noticed the 1st treatment relief from that. I was able to go mow and go to the hay field without a box of Kleenexes. I will stick with Dr. Shaw, cause I feel he can get me totally fixed. Thank you so much. You are a very caring person who doesn’t give up when you see someone in pain!!

Debbie G. - Timber Lake, SD

5 years ago I went in for a rotator cuff surgery and a block was used to numb the area. They shot it into the blood stream which caused a cardiac arrest. Did CPR for 25 minutes. I was airlifted to Fargo, where I was in a coma for 4 days not knowing if I would live. I then was in the hospital for 21 days. I was sent to Rapid City to do rehab. I had to learn to walk all over again. I did in and out hospital therapy for 2 years. I have pain everywhere. My chest and arms are the worst. A friend told me about Dr. Shaw. I have had two treatments. I have quit the pain meds. The pain is at least bearable. Yes!! after 5 years of pain and only 2 treatments in two weeks. I would recommend Dr. Shaw to anyone. At least give him a chance. If he can help some one like me (I really should have died. People don’t live through what I went through) he should be able to help anyone. Thank you Dr. Shaw.

Lawerence G. - Timber Lake, SD

I suffered with back pain for the better part of 15 years. I went to many different chiropractors but only received temporary relief at best. I had accepted the fact that I would have to just live with back pain. My son also went to chiropractors because of a sports injury and after going to Dr. Shaw he claimed he was different than anyone he had gone to before. Even though I was skeptic, I gave him a try. Dr. Shaw asked me questions that no one ever asked before. He found the source of my pain was in my neck and not my back. After only a couple of months my pain is completely gone. I can do things I haven’t done in years because I feared hurting my back. I highly recommend Dr. Shaw to anyone who feels there is nothing that can be done to help them.

Mike M. - Bismarck, ND

Chloe, age 6, complained of headaches daily. She would take Tylenol and that would relieve the headache. Chloe saw Dr. Shaw on 2 visits and no longer has a headache. She also is happier and a better disposition. We are so pleased with this outcome in such a short period of time. Thank you!

Mary Ann P. - Bismarck, ND

I have had various health issues for most of my life seeing many doctors and being placed on many medications. I had depression, low energy, digestion issues and body aches, joint pain, seizures, sleep troubles, weakness and difficulty with dizziness, my memory and brain fog, off and on for many years. I have been hospitalized many times. I have had a number of diagnosis, including Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. I have been on steroids many time which exacerbates the diabetes and added to weight gain. I have had cravings for sweets and salt, my blood sugars were out of control and I was recommended to go on insulin; it had been difficult to lose weight, except when it happened due to illness. All this has caused me emotional distress and it has affected how I lived my life, since I seemed never be able to predict if I would feel well enough to do something for which I had committed myself. I felt shame and embarrassment when I was unable to follow through on something I wanted to do. I know my family was impacted negatively by all this.

This year, two dear friends told me of the success they had through seeing a chiropractor, and I saw Dr. Shaw shortly after that. He gave me the most thorough neurological exam I’ve ever had and he was extremely observant of different issues which my physicians have never noted. I decided to proceed with the lab tests. The results I got back showed the food sensitivities I have and was immediately put on an eating program that would be good for my health with supplements that would be helpful. I also started receiving adjustments and with each one I felt better. I also was surprised at some of the benefits – being able to breath better, no more dizziness, more energy, little to no pain, better mental acuity. I also began losing weight and my blood sugars were soon in the normal range.

Before seeing Dr. Shaw, I had resigned myself to living with diminished health, never knowing when I would have an “episode” that would set me back. Dr. Shaw has given me hope for the first time that I can receive health and healing with the help of this knowledgeable, kind man. I don’t need to come in all the time, but as soon as I have difficulties, I come in and receive good results every time.

Leslee S.

I’ve seen Dr. Shaw 3 times. It’s unbelievable. When I first came to him, my back hurt so bad for years. I started to hunch over. Now I’m standing straight, no more back pain. No urge to crack my back to get going in the mornings anymore and over all just feeling good. I highly recommend him to any body that has problems.

Chad L. - Butte, ND

The best kept secret in North Dakota is for sure the practice of Dr. Robert D. Shaw. After years of limited flexibility and constant pain after my knee and hip replacements I got referred to Dr. Shaw by a doctor in Mexico. He told me that I needed lots of maintenance on my body before it would properly function. I saw Dr. Shaw in April and to my surprise, by the end of May beginning of June, my constant pain I had vanished, my flexibility of my legs and neck were back like it was 10 years before. My blood pressure went to normal and I don’t have to take my medicine for type 2 diabetes. What a difference 2 months can make! I do enjoy life again and I appreciate the quality of life I now have!

Hannelore D. - Bismarck ND

Dear Dr. Shaw;

Here is a compilation of chronic ailments / issues I dealt with prior to coming under your care. I feel so much better and have no chronic pain areas. Constant constipation, sleeplessness, cold hands and feet, knot in left shoulder by base of neck, pain in right hip, couldn’t sleep on my right side very long, neck stiffness, inability to turn head to the left side completely, signal from bladder to urinate, only 3 times per day. Often felt nausea especially in the mornings. Pain in balls of feet, difficulty walking upon standing up. Hot flashes during the daytime and night sweats. Soreness in lower back area, wrist pain, stiffness in fingers upon arising in the morning. Ganglion cyst in each wrist. Couldn’t lay flat on my back in bed. Chronic dry hacky cough. Sore on right wrist that wouldn’t heal. Difficulty doing any amount of exercise. I no longer taking thyroid or decongestant / antihistamine medications.

Thanks for your excellent care and help getting my health back on track.

Donna - Bismarck, ND

First visit – I could barely get up out of a chair because of pain in lower back. Blood pressure was 180/90??

Today I’m able to do much of my regular routine with much less pain. With out adjustments I would not have been able to get better.

Marlys L. - Bismarck, ND

I no longer get nose bleeds. My side doesn’t hurt when I run. My hips feel aligned and don’t bother me. My neck feels a lot better. Ears no longer ring. I am extremely happy though that I can run and not get pulled out of the game. My back doesn’t bother me either.

Emily S. - Zeeland, ND

My success story began right after my first adjustment!

I had a really hard time believing my friend, the person who referred me to Dr. Shaw, when he said he felt great after just one adjustment. I had been treated at other chiropractic clinics for several months and not even come close to getting relief in my neck. Well, being the skeptic that I am, it took over 6 months for me to make my appointment and now could kick myself for waiting. My friend was right. My energy level was off the charts the next day after my adjustment and the pain was 85% – 90% gone in my neck. That’s a miracle as far as I’m concerned.

JaneMarie T. - Bismarck, ND

Over a period of time, I had developed severe jaw pain, whereas, I could not chew food or even talk at times. Thinking that it was my teeth that were bothering me, I went to our dentist. He found nothing wrong. This pain would come and go at times. I then went to my family doctor who diagnosed me with trigeminal neuralgia and I received a prescription for pills. My family doctor also recommended that I see a neurology specialist. I was getting very frustrated by this time. My husband saw an advertisement in the Bismarck Tribune regarding Dr. Shaw. I then started taking treatments. After only a few treatments I am now pain free. Also ladies, as a bonus. I no longer have hot flashes. Now that is another great feeling. I highly recommend Dr. Shaw for all your aches and pains. He certainly has helped me. Thank you Dr. Shaw for making my life pain free.

Sheila Z. - Bismarck, ND

When I first came to Dr. Shaw, my asthma was causing me to use more and more drugs, my back hurt continually, my sinuses were chronically infected, I had recurring plantar fascitis (excruciating heel pain), numbness and tingling in my fingers and a feeling that I was aging too quickly.

After a few treatments from Dr. Shaw, I no longer needed asthma meds, my back is nearly pain free, my sinuses are clear, my feet no longer hurt, the numbness and tingling in my fingers is gone and I’m feeling like a much younger grandma.

I have and will continue to sing Dr. Shaw’s praises to my family and friends.

Thank you, Dr. Shaw.

Pat B. - Bismarck, ND

I’ve dealt with chronic ear aches and ear infections as long as I can remember. I’ve seen my share of ear specialists, taken numerous antibiotics and allergy medications trying to ward off the ear aches and ear infections I would always get at least twice a year. When I saw Dr. Shaw’s brochure, I made an appointment to see if there could possibly be someone that could help me. After 3 ½ months of keeping my scheduled appointment, I have been able to discontinue 5 prescription drugs. I feel so much better and would definitely recommend Dr. Shaw to anyone who is having health issues and is seeking quality professional care.

Brenda – Aberdeen, SD

I have been going to chiropractors 1 to 2 times a week on and off for years and never got relief I’ve gotten from Dr. Shaw in the 10 months I’ve been seeing him. I had quite a few tings bothering me when I started: Headaches, hip pain, pain in both knees, acid reflux, tennis elbow, sinus problems, shoulder pain, arthritis in fingers and neck pain. These things have been addressed and I can go a month or so before I need a treatment. I totally recommend Dr. Shaw for your health care needs.

Carol D. - Mandan

Shakiness is better. Back feels better. Can lay on back better. Neck feels better.

LeRoy B. - Streeter

When I first visited Dr. Shaw, I complained of severe foot pain, shoulder pain and headaches. The foot pain was the worst. I had to stretch 15 minutes every morning before I could even get out of bed. Even then I would wince walking across the floor.

Dr. Shaw said he could fix that just by adjusting my neck. I thought to myself, “What does my neck have to do with my feet?” I was very skeptical. He explained how all my nerves were connected at the base of my neck. “well, let’s just wait and see.”

After a few visits, I no longer had the headaches or shoulder pain, but my feet still hurt every morning when I got up. We continued to adjust my neck. Then one day I got out of bed without stretching, walked across the floor…then it hit me. My feet didn’t hurt!

I’m glad to look back and see how my skepticism has changed into trust.

Thanks Dr. Shaw.

Pam H. - Bismarck, ND

As long as I can remember, I have always lived with pain. People have always heard me complaining about my pain. Now, when they see me, they say I’m looking good, so I must be feeling good.

Thanks to Dr. Shaw, I have my life back.

S.S. - Glen Ullin

I go to Dr. Shaw to help lower my blood pressure. I do not take a pill for it because the pills make it go up. I have been seeing Dr. Shaw for over a year and it has lowered my blood pressure and I don’t get headaches like I used to. I would personally recommend him.

Lisa B. - Eureka, SD

I had been plagued with migraines since I was a teenager. Throughout the years I tried chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy and very costly prescription drugs to no avail.

A friend encouraged me to visit Dr. Shaw. After several months under his care, I no longer have migraines. It’s great to know I can plan activities and events without fear of a migraine attack.

I highly recommend Dr. Shaw.

Wanda W. - Jamestown

I started seeing Dr. Shaw. My skin was very blotchy I would break out with sores on my back, chest, it got so bad even on my arms. After seeing Dr. Shaw it was very controlled. I did notice if I would go for a long time without being adjusted it would reoccur. He has helped me in many was. Even my nervous system is much better.

Linda N. - Bismarck, ND

I had migraines daily with constant neck pain. I was taking at least 8 different prescription medications daily. Some three times a day. I went to Mayo clinic out of desperation and was sent home after a 30 minute appointment. They told me they could not help me. I was told about Dr. Shaw from a friend and thought “It can’t hurt.” I came to him literally in tears. I was only in my 30’s and told to make out my will. I was living life of a “pill popper.” He has worked miracles for me. From the first day I saw him, I was on the road to recovery. I only take tylenol now and that is a rare occasion. I can’t believe how my health has changed and how much he has helped me! Thanks Dr. Shaw.

Heather W. - Bismarck, ND

Dr. Shaw has been a godsend. I have suffered from lower back pain for 30+ years. After a few treatments, that got much better and now no more back pain. It is so amazing that something as simple as an upper spine adjustment would make such a huge difference. Also in the last ten years (maybe more) I have had problems sleeping because I could not get comfortable (tried different mattress). I would wake up very stiff and sore and it took a bit of effort to get out of bed. Now, I am up and out of bed in the morning no problem. Both of my thumbs were very achy. The diagnosis by doctors was arthritis that results from overuse of joints. It was painful playing ball with my grand kids (rubber ball). Now we play baseball (with a real baseball). No problem. No pain. If I wouldn’t have experienced this myself, I would probably have been very skeptical. What’s amazing is that you do not have to believe in it in order for it to work.

Sharlene B. - Napoleon

After suffering from headaches for approximately 10 years I can now say “what is a headache”. Dr. Shaw has relieved me of all headache pain. How does one spell relief? I spell it “Dr. Shaw”. Thank you for your help.

Dianne - SD

I first came to Dr. Shaw’s office at the coaxing of my husband who is a patient of Dr. Shaw’s. I wasn’t feeling very well. Had a backache and had problems even turning my head a certain way. My lower back was really giving me problems and the pain shot down into my right hip. I was very skeptical about getting it fixed. I’ve been to other chiropractors and only received temporary relief. I am now pain free, on a maintenance program to keep me healthy. Thank you Dr. Shaw.

Janice J.- Bismarck, ND

After first adjustment; immediate relief of discomfort in legs, noticeable circulation improvement, noticed improved posture, better range of motion. Overall the relief of leg pain has been wonderful.

Chris E. - Bismarck, ND

I was having a lot of problems with my neck when I first came in. I work in an office and sit most of the day and twisting and shifting was painful. I couldn’t turn my head to the left nor could I raise my left arm above my head. I carried the most tension in between my shoulder blades. After my initial visit with Dr. Shaw I felt blood flowing to parts of my body that I haven’t felt in years. I continued going to follow ups for maintenance. I haven’t had pain in arm or neck and zero headaches.

S.M. - Bismarck, ND

I came to Dr. Shaw with blurred vision, seeing double, droopy right eyelid and tenderness to pain in my right temple. The ophthalmologist diagnosed me with Myasthenia Gravis . Since having treatments, these symptoms have  disappeared. My right eye is as good as it was before.

Alice B. - Streeter

I am so thankful I went to and for Dr. Shaw. For the past 16 years I have suffered in pain from a neck/back injury. After the first visit to Dr. Shaw I was able to get out of bed in the morning pain free. I did a room of floor tile (sitting on the floor), after I got up from the floor and was walking it dawned on me I had “no pain”. When doing this prior to my visit I could hardly get up from the floor and struggled  walking. My only regret is that I did not go see Dr. Shaw 9 months ago when a friend urged me to. Thank you Dr. Shaw and staff for your professional care.

Nancy S. - Bismarck, ND

Headaches improved from occurring daily to 1-2 times a month after just a few weeks of adjustments. Nasal congestion eliminated after each adjustment, ear drainage as well. Completely eliminated upper back pain after 2 adjustments, pain has not returned.

Sara E. - Bismarck, ND

I am 17 years old and have suffered from back and neck problems for most of my life. I have been going to various chiropractors since I was in 3rd grade and only found temporary relief each time I went. Several months ago, my headaches got increasingly worse and would often times get sick to my stomach because of them. I hardly slept for a long time and I could no longer concentrate enough to do school work. I also noticed that the rash that had been there for years on my neck kept getting worse. My mom brought me to Dr. Shaw and after only several treatments I had improved greatly. I no longer suffer from headaches or feel sick and I can easily fall asleep at night. My whole body feels more relaxed and pain free. I am now able to live without the burden of having headaches. Thank you, Dr. Shaw

P.S. Amazingly the rash that never would go away is now gone!

Megan M. -Bismarck, ND

I’ve gotten diverticulitis every several months and was always given antibiotics. My brother had gone to Dr. Shaw and his shoulder got better and did not need surgery. So I decided to go and see if he could help me. Since seeing him I’ve only had it once due to not coming back soon enough. It’s nice not to have that horrible pain and several months of antibiotics. My body has been clean of antibiotics and that intestinal infection is far better. My wrists, lower back pain and intestine is so much better. Thanks for the pain free.

Judy L. - Bismarck, ND

I have been going to doctors for about 20 years to ease my back pain. Nothing seemed to work. Spent thousands of dollars on fees. Nothing helped. I have been going to Dr. Shaw for about 2 months. My back went from a pain level of 9/10 to a 2/10 in this short time. I would like to thank Dr. Shaw for helping me with this.

Bill B. - Bismarck, ND

I came because I was so crunched and bent over that breathing was difficult. I felt my rib cage was right over my hips. Week 4 I can breath much easier, am straighter and not as fearful. The future looks so much brighter and I thank the good Lord for Dr. Shaw.

Rose M. - Mandan

Several years ago I started getting a lot of ringing and roaring in my head and got real dizzy. After a few years it got so bad that the room spun around and couldn’t even open my eyes or move my head. Spent 95% of the time in bed or in a chair. If I would go any place I would crawl. Had to quit work as the spells would come on so fast and last so long. I would fall down right after I would get to work. Had to go on disability.

I finally found an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, Dr. Shaw, After a few months of a couple times a week I was able to go back to work full time and get off of disability. Other chiropractors didn’t work like these. The medical doctor just gave me meds that didn’t work and made it worse. Therapy also didn’t work. They tried shots in the ears with no luck. Then they said surgery was the only thing left. They said that it would be a 50 – 50 chance of working. I opted not too as it was too risky. I have heard from some people that surgery only made it worse.

I am so grateful for Dr. Shaw Upper Cervical Chiropractor. Thank you.

Faye S. - Bismarck, ND

I have been struggling with my jaw for 15+ years. I’ve seen doctors (reg) physical therapists and used pain pills. Nothing has phased the pain in my jaw. The pain started to move from my jaw down into my neck, shoulders and back. It hurt to bend over, get in and out of my car and I wasn’t sleeping. It was unbearable. After seeing Dr. Shaw, I am not living in constant pain. I rarely clench my jaw anymore (I used to about 85% of the day). My back feels great and I all around just feel so much better. I can’t believe I suffered so many years when I could have just seen Dr. Shaw.

Sara C. - Bismarck, ND

When I first came here I had minor back pain, my knee sometimes bothers me and my jaw made noise when I chewed. Now nothing like that bothers me anymore, and I am free to live my dreams. Thank you.

Samantha G. - Bismarck, ND

I’ve been having lower back pain for years and started coming here. Noticing some change. I didn’t realize how much good it was doing until I couldn’t get back for appointment because of work. I felt the pain in my back get worse. So I know for a fact that the treatment I get here are working real well for me and I tell everyone that is talking about some health trouble they have about Dr. Shaw. I am truly impressed with the results I get here. Thanks.

Ken S. - SD

Dr. Shaw had me mostly straightened out and I am most thankful for that. Then we had an auto accident that caused me a separated rib and very sore shoulder. In one appointment he has me good – with no shoulder pain at all. I so appreciate his abilities. Thank you Dr. Shaw.

Francis C.

When I arrived at the clinic my mind and body were full of question marks. After a few treatments that all changed. I can get around much better – no more cane. My fears of ever being able to walk + many more fears are gone.

Edna G. - Bismarck, ND

Life can throw a mean curve ball! By no stretch of the imagination would anyone say that I have experienced a time of good health. I have severe asthma and allergies with lung damage that falls into the COPD diagnosis. This means that I need to monitor my breathing on a daily basis with a peak flow meter and constantly try to improve the numbers.

Two years ago I contracted a staph infection called MRSA which attacked my right eye, right knee and a disc in the lower back. Knees can be replaced but not the eye or disc, so I am left with poor eyesight and extreme pain with any activity. I have done all that is medically possible to relieve the pain including 1 ½ years of physical therapy.

This is when a dear friend recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Shaw to see if chiropractic care would relieve the pain. After only three adjustments I was monitoring the asthma with the peak flow meter and the numbers had risen dramatically. What was my high number is now my low number and the two are not that far apart which is very good. After another couple appointments I noticed that I was able to see more clearly. I had an appointment with my ophthalmologist who x–rayed the eye and said nothing had changed but that my vision had improved from 20/40 to 20/30 in the right eye. This was less than two weeks into the treatment program. Am I going to continue with treatment and expect more miracles? Absolutely! My journey has just begun.

Loetta S. - Bismarck, ND

I am now retired, however as a young man, I grew up on a farm and later was employed as a construction tradesman for years. Having had experienced hard work, in difficult positions, I had been going to various chiropractors for as long as I can remember primarily for back problems.

It wasn’t until my wife had problems that the medical doctors were unable to resolve, aside from taking pills for the rest of her life, that I saw an advertisement for a chiropractor (Dr. Shaw) in the paper. At first, I was very skeptical about sending her there, because the ad reminded me of an old western movie, where this man is selling the cure all, snake oil, out of the back of a covered wagon. I did suggest that she go to see what this Doctor could possibly do that the medical doctors couldn’t do. Unbelievably, within a very short period of time, her aches and pains disappeared, with no medication from the medical doctors.

After seeing this transformation take place, I made an appointment to see Dr. Shaw could do for me. At the time I was seeing another chiropractor once a week and should have gone to see him every three days because my problems had become increasingly worse. Aside from my back pains that needed attention more often than I could afford to have adjusted every three days. I also had indigestion and acid reflux which somehow was associated with my back pains. Rolaids were an absolute necessary part of my life. They were taken nearly after every meal and when we had spaghetti with spaghetti sauce it would become a ten to twelve rolaid day. When I bought the antacid at the store, I bought three one hundred bottles at a time because I knew one bottle wouldn’t last long.

I was probably an easy patient to get results from for Dr. Shaw. After the very first adjustment I had unbelievable relief from both neck and back pains and the stomach problems. The back pain has ceased entirely and (believe it or not) there is probably no activity that I can do to put my back out of place at this time. Before with the other so called chiropractor, he had me  “take it easy for a couple days” and let it rest which somehow never seemed to work out and it soon was back to the old story of pain and discomfort. As for the stomach problems, after the first dramatic improvement, it took seveal months for the condition to be resolved to the point it is now. My indigestion problem now only returns when I go to a buffet and earn my indigestion by gorging myself by eating enough for two people.

There are so many things that a person does because one has gotten into a routine of doing or not doing them because they hurt or otherwise uncomfortable. I had to be very conscious of how I stretched in the morning so I didn’t put my back out of place. My shoulder was becoming stiff if I didn’t exercise it regularly. There are many more things that I’ve noticed, that have changed since my treatment had begun. One shouldn’t have to live with those conditions if there is an alternative. I now return for a “tune up” every four to six weeks, feeling great.

Seeing what can be done by a great chiropractor (Dr. Shaw), instead of going to one that knows you’re coming back for the rest of your life (to improve his lifestyle) is truly an unbelievably experience.

Thank you Dr. Shaw for choosing Bismarck for your home and for the place of practice.

Mr. Z. - Bismarck, ND

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